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New Council Members

Welcome and congratulations to new council members

Johnny Eddy Jr. and Heather Miles

Contact Information
Attention: Tribal members who have not updated contact information within the last 2-5 years, please email update information to:

Tribal ID Cards

To tribal members interested in acquiring a tribal identification card, please inquire at:

About Us

A'kish (Greetings)

For over 10,000 years the Xolon Salinan People, also known as "People of the Oaks", inhabited California's Central Coast and inland to the Diablo and Temblor Ranges. Our ancient territory also includes the Santa Lucia Range as well as the lands encompassing the Salinas River.

Our ancient ancestors referred to themselves as "The People of Xolon" (hoe'lone - Jolon) and later were called the Salinan Indians by the Federal Government. The missions never recorded a name for us, but simply called us "the Indians from this Mission". We are now able to call ourselves the "Xolon People," as the ancients called themselves prior to Spanish contact.

In 1771 the Spaniards and Franciscans established the San Antonio Mission, thereby pressuring local inhabitants to assimilate into the Mission System.

Additionally, in 1791 and 1797 the missions Soledad and San Miguel were established much to the same effect.

Beginning in 1834 with the closure of the California Missions, many of the Xolon People "went underground", publicly suppressing their native identities for self preservation during an era of Indian intolerance.


We are grateful to our ancestors for enduring the hardships imposed upon them throughout history after Contact, which allowed the Xolon Salinan blood and culture to live on within us.


The primary focus of our people today is to honorably preserve and protect the bones of our ancestors, as well as the villages and sacred sites from the time before Contact. It is also our privilege and responsibility to continually strengthen, build, and establish who we are today, securing a future for our children tomorrow and for the next generations to come.

* Note: The Xolon Salinan Tribe is not associated with any similar tribal name affiliations. We are the true blood descendants of our ancient Xolon-Salinan ancestors

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